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Estate was created to provide consumers with the resources to learn about Probate and Estate Settlement. Our site provides general introductory materials about Estate Settlement and Probate for family members and those who have duties under a will, probate proceedings or trust agreement.

Information on this site should not be considered specific: legal, tax or investment advice.

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Learn about Probate and Estate Settlement: For the Executor, Personal Representative and Trustee

Many family members and friends, in the midst of their despair, are faced with a new honor, responsibility and potential burden bestowed upon them by their deceased loved one.   For they have been named under a will; Executor, Personal Representative or under a Trust Agreement, Trustee for the decedents estate. These individuals need to learn about Probate and Estate Settlement and their unique fiduciary duties.

Why learn about Probate and Estate Settlement?

Even the most educated individuals, are likely not to have any opportunity to learn about Probate and Estate Settlement.   Regardless of a consumers responsibilities in the process, it is important to learn about Probate and Estate Settlement to appreciate the importance of the tasks that must be accomplished.

Critical duties and responsibilities include an understanding and compliance with; state and federal laws, a variety of taxes issues and special accounting methodologies (see steps in probate process ).   Also these individual's will have to apply keen judgment and appreciation of family dynamics and be mindful of a of the debilitating effects of grief and bereavement. 

The good news is that family members, executors and personal representatives have new resources to learn about Probate and Estate Settlement. One of our most popular sections is frequently asked questions about probate and estate Settlement. 

Our network of lawyers; appraisers and other professionals may also be a valuable resource in your process to learn about Probate and Estate Settlement.  

The greater the understanding the executor, PR or Trustee has of the settlement process, the less; intimidating and burdensome the process will become.  Greater efficiency in the process may also provide; fewer delays, lowered expenses and greater teamwork between all of the parties.

Probate Settlement - A Professional Resource

Estate Planning Attorneys, Accountants and Trust Companies and other advisors are welcome to use our site to professionally service their clientele during probate and estate settlement.  

Our goal is to enhance the relationship between the experienced professional and their clients, by bridging the vast knowledge difference. Consumers who learn probate and estate settlement terms and vocabulary, are sure to feel have greater confidence and peace of mind.

Probate attorney directory listings are available throughout the United States as are the services of other estate professionals. Our Pro-Zone area and national map of state probate laws are tools designed for professional use.

Our Library Links are tools which may be useful to both fiduciaries and professional practitioners.

Professionals can also join's directory and have an "exclusive" listing (see details) for their local market.

Family Care

The Help For the Family section of our site, provides grief care resources and practical family peace keeping advice. The grieving process requires time and the loving support of others.

We have special links to free on-line memorials which offer a way for family members to “come together” and create a tribute in honor of their loved one.   We have numerous articles on bereavement and grief issues and links to recommended books and nationally respected organizations which offer free local grief counseling.

Please also share your thoughts and experiences with what you have learned about Probate and Estate Settlement and other members through our “Community” message boards and feedback areas.

Future members can learn about Probate and Estate Settlement from you! The settlement process for each estate is different, "we all have an important story to tell” and we all look forward to hearing yours.

Our goal at is to: honor a generation …empower a generation.

This mission begins with you!

If our materials have helped you learn about probate and estate settlement, kindly drop us a note. Also let us know how we can be of further service to you.

Good luck in your goal to learn about Probate and Estate Settlement.

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